Choose our
stakes and trail markers because...

  • We are able to produce large quantities of the same product.
  • We can adapt to specific needs as the quantities are large.
  • Our products have superior quality and durability.
  • We have a workforce expertise in the use of wood as a raw material and several very diverse equipment.
  • We deliver to Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and we can do it anywhere in Quebec.
  • We are the leading manufacturer of snowmobile trail markes and ATVs in Quebec.
  • By buying from us, you contribute to the achievement of our unique social mission and the integration into work of people living with limitations.

Our carpentry workshop

In cooperation with the Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux (CIUSSS), the Chaîne de travail adapté engages several people living with limitations in our carpentry workshop based in Roberval. We produce survey pickets, snowmobile and ATV trail markes and pennants. All these products are made with top quality spruce.

Our survey pickets

Our carpentry workshop produces surveying stakes, mad00% spruce wood. We provide our natural stakes, painted red 6” or with full paint. With a multitude of dimensions available, there is no doubt that we can meet your needs.