Labor rental

Why opt for a
workforce at CTA?

Our labour rental service offers businesses in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region the opportunity to hire employees who care about their work. Available in a multitude of different fields, our workforce stands out for the excellence of their work. By the same time, hiring these employees also helps to achieve our primary mission, which is to integrate into various companies people who live with limitations in the labour market. The authenticity of our service can allow you to make a great contribution to our company by including adapted work in our region.

You can trust our members as well as the quality of their services.

The loyalty
of our members


Because everyone
has the right to work

Subsidy on the rental of labour

Through bi-weekly billing and according to the terms of the contract signed by both parties, the employer-client benefits from a permanent subsidy which is calculated based on the employee’s productivity rate. This also remains the responsibility of the “CTA” adapted work chain for all management and administration.

Monitoring of employee work integrations

The employer-client can count on the support of a worker for the integration of the employee, but also throughout the hiring of the employee. Our employees are characterized by their goodwill, motivation, diligence and a strong sense of belonging to the companies that hire them. It is very important for them that they offer quality work and that they meet the needs of companies.

Are you having problems with
the labour shortage?

In recent years, the labour shortage has affected businesses in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region to the point of changing the opening hours of their businesses or even reducing internal mandates. We help companies maintain their quality standards in this particular situation.

Our labor rental is there to help your company in its different daily needs.

Our different positions offered

Warehouse clerk

Office clerk

Assistant cook


Window dresser


Administrative assistant

Do you have special needs?

Our positions are varied, but most importantly, they can be personalized to your needs. Do not hesitate to request a quote online for more details.

Otherwise, for any questions, contact the Human Resources department for your manpower needs! We will listen to your needs and you will contribute to the professional and personal fulfillment of our employees! Because it should not be forgotten: EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO WORK !!!

Frequently asked questions

First of all, we suggest that you contact the service management. They can then discuss with you and assess your need for manpower. Subsequently, a worker will meet with you, to visit the workplaces and to present the terms of service to you. Subsequently, if there is agreement between the parties, the integration process will begin. Note that the worker assigned to the employee will be present in this process.

When you hire someone living with limitations, through our workforce rental service, note that the grant is permanent and will last for the duration of that employee’s hire. A productivity rate is determined and it is this part of the salary that the employer-client must pay. This productivity rate can be revised each year when the contract is renewed.

If an employer-client has a stable job to offer, with at least 20 hours per week, they may be eligible for our programs. Just talk to the program to see if the type of job offered meets the requirements.