Window cleaning

Our service
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The window washing service of the Chaîne de Travail Adapté CTA offers businesses and residents of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region a superior quality service. We clean both the interior and exterior windows. Always have beautiful clean windows in your business, without having to call every time, determining a cleaning frequency that suits you. At home, save yourself from chores by entrusting the cleaning of your windows to our specialized teams.

Commercial window

Always have beautiful clean windows thanks to our window washing service agreements adapted to your needs, without having to take care of them afterwards. Thanks to our qualified technicians and specialized equipment, we are able to carry out window washings at height. All the work is done very safely. Whether it is industrial or commercial window cleaning, our teams will meet your needs.

Residential window

At home, save yourself from chores by entrusting the cleaning of your windows to our specialized teams. We can wash your interior and exterior windows. Cleaning also includes framing.  The popularity of our residential window washing service is due to the quality of the work and the courtesy of our staff.


Removing leaves and debris from your gutters is essential to ensure proper water drainage and protect your home. That is why it is recommended to do it at least once a year. At home, we do not always have the equipment to work at heights and this can be a hard and dangerous job when you are not well equipped and trained. Our technicians carry out the work safely and most of the time from the ground thanks to our specialized equipment.

Window cleaning for
grocery refrigerators

We offer window cleaning service for your grocery refrigerators. The service may be on request or at an established frequency.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer window washing and gutter cleaning service for all industries, businesses and residences in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

For residences we offer the service as long as there are no large accumulations of snow.

For shops we offer the service all year round as long as the windows are accessible.